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 - Please call or check Facebook for Holiday Hours - 

Price List for Services:

Men’s Haircut - 30

Our Attention Detail is Undeniable and an Unspoken Requirement.


Children (age10 & under) - 25

We take pride in our “Little Men” with the Care and Standards that any parent would hope for.

Military, Fire, and Police - 22

We Appreciate and Thank You for Your Service. 

Active Duty Only.

Senior Citizens - 22

Just for all you “Silver Foxes.”

Buzz Cuts - 22

For our simplest of men.

Flat Top - 32

Short, Precise, Clean, And Uniform. A True 1950’s military inspiration.

Haircut/Beard Trim - 38

Experienced Barbers to help guide that growing beard, enhanced with our own natural handmade balms and oils.

Beard Sculpt - 15

Let us help you shape and tame that beard with our own “Angry Barber Beard Line.”

Straight Razor Neck Shave - 10

Soothing pre-shave cream, and a delicate fresh blade.

Shampoo - 6

A Scrub-a-Dub-Dub in our hair tub.


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